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Vintage Hosung Plush Monkey Puppet with Squeaker Brown Chimp Rain Coat 1994 Red


Interactive with Sounds HOSUNG Plush Baby Monkey Chimpanzee w/ Banana 2003 10"


Rainforest Cafe 16" Monkey Chimp Animal Squeak Puppet Plush Toy Hosung 1994


Vintage 1994 HOSUNG Sweater Brown Plush Monkey Puppet Squeaks


Hosung Beanies Little Monkey Lost Plush B15


RARE HOSUNG Vintage 1994 Monkey Hand Puppet Squeak 11” Long Tail Toy Chimp WoW


15" Hosung Monkey Full Body Hand Puppet Felt Face Mouth Moves W Squeaker Plush


Little Monkey Lost Chimpanzee Flocked Face Plush Apple Hand Puppet By


Hosung 12" Vintage Baby Monkey 1994 Plush


Hosung Monkey Chimp Ape Plush Stuffed Animal Soft Toy 10" 1994 Sleeping Hat


HOSUNG Baby Monkey Pacifier Bib  Squeaker 12" Plush Toy Animal ~ Adorable!


Hosung Monkey FullBody Hand Puppet Baby Chimp Squeaker Playmate Plush Chimpanzee


Vintage 1994 Hosung Girl Monkey Hand Puppet Plush Toy w/Squeaker 15" Chimpanzee


Vintage 1994 Hosung Childs Playmate Monkey Puppet Stuffed Plush Animal Chimp


Hosung Little Monkey Lost Plush Brown Red Apple Hand Puppet Flocked Face


HOSUNG 12” Aviator Bunny Rabbit Plush Hand Puppet Bomber Goggles NWT Vintage


Retired 1994 Hosung Plush Brown MONKEY CHIMP 10" Stuffed Animal Realistic plush


Vintage Hosung Plush Monkey Puppet Gorilla Chimp Rare HTF Toy Gift B83


1992 HOSUNG Full Body Brown Monkey Chimp w Squeaker Rubber Plush Hand Puppet 14"


Hosung Monkey Puppet Plush 15" Stuffed Animal Brown 1994


Hosung Julious Plush Monkey 14" Hand Puppet Squeaks w/Tag


HOSUNG 1994 Monkey Hand Puppet With Squeaker Velcro Hands Removable Blue Shirt


Plush Stuffed Hosung Julious monkey junior chimp hand puppet 1995 baby squeaker


NWT HOSUNG 1994 Plush Baby Monkey/Chimp Joey Pink Sleeper Pajamas Pacifier


1994 Hosung Monkey Hand Puppet Plush Story Telling Playtime w/ clothes


Vintage 1994 Hosung Plush Full Body Flocked Face Baby Chimp Puppet Squeaker


Vintage Hosung Monkey plush hand puppet with mouth squeaker Western Clothes


Vintage Aviator Monkey Puppet Julious the Junior Chimp 14" 1995 Hosung


Hosung 12" Joey The Chimpanzee Stuffed Plush with Pacifier in Yellow PJ's Bee


1994 Hosung Orangutan Hand Puppet Plush Safari Print


Hosung Monkey Hand Puppet Plush Stuffed Animal


1994 Hosung Orangutan 14" Hand Puppet Plush Cheetah Safari Print w/ Squeaker